Power Station Fire Safety

What makes power station fire safety unique?

powerstation1Power stations represent one of the highest risk factors for fire. With such complicated processes and varied combustible materials it is often necessary to make use of all available fire detection, alarm, suppression and extinguishing systems across a plant.

A fire in a power station can be truly devastating, with a blaze in just one area of the plant likely to disrupt power generation for weeks. Therefore fire safety is a crucial component to the successful workings of a power station.

The Challenges of power station fire safety.

The size of a power station can present serious problems when installing a safety system, and there are often areas with little or no human access that still need to be protected. There is also the likelihood of spontaneous ignition in fuel storage areas, particularly in coal powered stations.

Much of the equipment used in power generation is expensive and sensitive. It's no use extinguishing a fire only to discover that the turbine or switchgear has been destroyed by the extinguishing agent. This is why we will recommend the right solution for your equipment.

Why is customised planning important?

powerstation3Because of the varied nature of what occurs in a power station customised planning is crucial. Each plant is different, what we would advise for one fuel storage area for one could be completely different for another due to the equipment used, fuel stored and surrounding environment.

Having a customised plan for fire safety means that all systems interact, whether it is the alarm system, detection system or suppression and extinguishing system. The result is that a fire is controlled immediately, minimising the danger and the damage.

Why use FireSafety International?

powerstation2At Fire Safety International we are used to tackling the unique challenges presented by power station fire safety. We are experts in designing and implementing power station solutions, with over 40 years of experience in the high fire-risk sector. We have worked with a variety of power stations (as you can see on our client list), designing solutions for just one area or for the entire power station.

We are able to install all types of fire safety equipment, from gas suppression systems, water deluge, sprinkler systems to simple fire extinguishers. We are proud of our partnership with Minimax who are able to provide a fire safety solution for all areas of power generation.

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