deskFireSafety International Ltd., our quality-accredited and certified fire detection and prevention company, was formed in 2005 from small beginnings. Steve Goben the Managing Director and one other engineer used their combined 40 years experience in the fire safety industry to build an impressive client base in the Industrial sector. In 2006 the company became the UK partner for Minimax, a world leader in fire detection and suppression systems. As a result, we have expanded, working nationally for blue chip companies in a niche area of ‘special risks’.

We provide design, installation and servicing of spark detection, gas suppression, deluge, minifog, foam and powder systems as well as VESDA and aspirating systems so our markets are wide and vary from wood manufacturers, mills, recycling plants and power stations to pharmaceutical, automotive manufacturers and prisons. Being so specialised we must work to BS and VDS (German) standards to guarantee high standards and quality of work.


Specialist fire safety systems require extensive knowledge and expertise. And with a team that has up to 40 years experience FireSafety International offers close consultation and tailored solutions in their design, installation, maintenance and routine servicing. From critical installations, such as banks and IT rooms, through to general fire alarm fitting we adopt the same level of professionalism and have all relevant accreditations – giving you a complete service from initial guidance and advice through to final installation. As a design and build house you can also be assured that we have expertise in all recognised fire prevention systems including inert gas, chemical gas and toxic as well as VESDA systems (Very Early Warning System) enabling us to always find the most suitable and cost-effective result for you.

Designing, building, installing and maintaining a fire system is all about the knowledge and expertise of the individuals carrying out the work. It takes many years of experience to be able to properly evaluate the requirements of an organisation, however large or small, and be able to tailor the most suitable solution.

profilesmallAt FireSafety International we have a team with many years of time-served experience under their belts. Having worked within the fire system installation profession for up to 40 years we have dealt with all major systems and manufacturers and seen how new techniques have evolved over the years.

We have also seen how health and safety legislation has dramatically affected the way businesses need to look at their fire prevention systems in order to remain compliant, as well as safe. To bring that expertise to you we adopt a very straightforward, pragmatic approach.

When you first contact us, one of our highly qualified team will visit your premises for an initial discussion about your needs and the reasons for installing a new or upgraded fire system. Is it because you have recognised a need to apply greater protection to your business? Are you concerned about compliance with the law? Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution to the one in place currently?

These are just a selection of examples. Many businesses have a whole raft of reasons why they ask us to visit them and it is our job to look carefully at their individual situation and identify the optimum solution. Having assessed your needs we then devise the most suitable system and describe that system to you, and why we feel it best meets your needs. Once both parties are certain that the best result has been achieved, we install it and test it for you and agree the best servicing and maintenance contract to give you total peace of mind.

At FireSafety International we are passionate about achieving 100% customer satisfaction and retention and by employing the very best people with outstanding expertise we can achieve this.




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