Case Studies

Decorative Panels' new spark detection and suppression system.

panelDecorative Panels' huge dust extraction system was high on its list of priorities at its prestigious, new Huddersfield site. As such, the company looked into lots of possible solutions and companies to ensure its dust extraction was of the highest quality.

After considerable consultation with Decorative Panels' Malcolm Forward and the company's insurers, FireSafety International agreed on a design structure for Decorative Panels' new site equipment fire protection system.

As the UK partner and distributor for Minimax, a world leader in special risk fire protection systems, FireSafety International not only supplied and installed the system that would give all the protection Decorative Panels required, but was also able to offer a very competitive price. Most importantly, the work could be completed within the timescale required. So, for Decorative Panels, Firesafety International proved to be unbeatable.

In total, there were 16 extract ducts to protect.





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