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Privacy statement

FireSafety International Ltd. will not divulge any subscriber's personal information to any third party. All personal data provided during registration to the FireSafety International Ltd. newsletter will be stored in a secure database. FireSafety International Ltd. will not divulge any information allowing a subscriber to be publicly identified without their prior written consent. FireSafety International Ltd. promises to never rent, sell or disclose their subscriber lists to third parties without the prior consent of subscribers except in the rare circumstance where European law requires it in accordance with a court order.



The FireSafety International Ltd. website, like many websites, makes use of cookies that track usage of our website (if your browser settings allow it). These cookies are anonymous and apply only to our website, we use Google Analytics software to measure how visitors engage with our website with the aim of improving our website for future visitors. You can view the privacy policy of Google Analytics here.


If you would prefer that your usage of our website is not tracked you are able to control your cookies using settings in your web browser or delete them completely, please click here for further guidance on how to do this.




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